Covid 19 Risk Assessments

In accordance with Government Policy we have carried out Covid 19 Risk Assessments and shall share the results with employees, clients and suppliers and others who may require them in each area of our operations nationwide Procedures are in place to facilitate adherence to official guidance and to introduce and maintain adequate environmental and workplace controls on each auction complex as follows:

  • We have introduced and shall maintain effective protective measures for all staff including training.
  • A Covid 19 Guidance Booklet is also available and a Return to Work Form.
  • Effective signage is in place on each auction site relating to the Covid 19 measures we have established.
  • Our staff where practical have been requested to work from home to avoid commute to work on public transport and to reduce numbers on site.
  • We have established and shall maintain appropriate cleaning and hygiene procedures including handwashing throughout our auction sites in accordance with official guidance and best practice.
  • In each of our branches we have established a programme for social distancing and to avoid transmission risk during collection and delivery of goods.
  • Controls are in place for arrivals and collection of goods
  • Goods such as vehicles for collection are subjected to an agreed cleaning regime.
  • Reception and service areas are protected in accordance with best practice and social distancing and protective screening is in place on each site.
  • Vehicles and other work equipment shall be subjected to a thorough cleaning programme on each site before and after use.
  • Emergency procedures are in place and included in our Business Continuity Planning to facilitate agreed procedures in case an employee or visitor shows symptoms of Covid 19 or we suspect contamination of the workplace.
  • In accordance with agreed practices we are also providing online auctions to minimise the necessity for travel and coming on site.

Duty of employer:

Wilsons Auctions shall ensure, as far as is reasonably practical, to protect the Health & Safety and welfare of all our employees and others including contract workers and clients onsite. This includes the provision of safe systems of work and any necessary training and supervision.

We have therefore undertaken suitable and sufficient Risk Assessments at each auction complex to identify the risks to Health and Safety and the steps taken to manage and control those risks and how information and training shall be provided.

Duty of Employees:

Employees are also under a duty of care to take reasonable steps for themselves and others who may be affected by their acts or omissions at work.

They are also obliged to cooperate with any preventative steps taken to eliminate risks to themselves and others by complying with the rules and agreed practises in place.


Wilsons Auctions: Covid 19 Risk Assessments

Wilsons Auctions: Covid 19 Policy Doc.

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Peter Johnston

Group Operations Director