You spoke and we listened…our evening times are changing!

Belfast, Dalry, Dublin and Portadown’s evening auctions will start at 6pm from 2nd October!

Times are changing at Wilsons Auctions Belfast, Dalry, Dublin and Portadown with our evening auctions moving to the earlier time of 6pm from Monday 2nd October.

As we value the opinions of our loyal customers, it was important for us to listen to your feedback and take action following the recent online and branch survey we carried out on the evening auction times.  

From the consensus of opinion we feel the change to 6pm will help to create a more productive evening for our customers. By reducing the gap between work and the auction start time, customers will have the opportunity to enjoy the auctions while getting away earlier to make the most of their evenings.

The following auctions will change their auction times to 6pm from the w/c 2nd October:



Tuesday weekly Car Auction

Tuesday weekly Unreserved Government & General Disposal Auction.

Tuesday fortnightly Small Tools, Hire & Garage Equipment Auction

Tuesday monthly Unreserved Catering Auction

Thursday weekly Car Auction

Thursday fortnightly Unreserved Government & Liquidation Auction

The monthly Unreserved Government/Prestige Auctions, which will be directly followed by the Belfast Land & Property Auction, will take place at the new time of 5.30pm



Tuesday weekly Car Auction

Thursday weekly Car Auction



Tuesday weekly Car Auction

Liquidation & Disposal Auction every 2nd and 4th Tuesday

Thursday weekly Commercial Vehicle Auction



 Monday weekly Car Auction

Wednesday weekly Car Auction

Wednesday monthly Liquidation & Disposal Auction