Wilsons Auctions attends IAIR Annual Conference in Belfast

The International Association of Insolvency Regulators Annual Conference took place at The Merchant Hotel, Belfast from 16-19 September.

Wilsons Auctions was delighted to attend the recent International Association of Insolvency Regulators (IAIR) Annual Conference in Belfast from 16-19 September.

The event took place at The Merchant Hotel and Aidan Larkin and Mark Woods from our Asset Recovery Department were invited to speak, sharing their knowledge in best practice with insolvency cases on the management and realisation of complex assets including crypto assets.

The conference theme was Protecting the Public – Information, Oversight and Enforcement and it offered delegates the opportunity to meet and discuss their key roles and responsibilities in relation to protecting the public and provide presentations across a wide range of practices in many nations.

Speaking of the conference, Asset Recovery Director at Wilsons Auctions, Aidan Larkin said, “It was an honour to be invited by the IAIR to represent Wilsons Auctions at their annual conference. As a result of the extensive work we carry out and complex assets we manage and realise on behalf of our insolvency clients across the UK, Ireland and beyond, we regularly attend similar conferences sharing our best practice with government agencies worldwide.”

The IAIR is an international body that brings together the collective experiences and expertise of government insolvency regulators from jurisdictions around the world.

IAIR membership is open to representatives from government departments, ministries, agencies and public authorities which have responsibility in their country for one or more of the following functions: insolvency policy and legislation; insolvency practice and administration; insolvency regulation.

IAIR aims to promote liaison and co-operation and provides a forum for discussion amongst insolvency regulators. The Association thereby contributes to a wider understanding of insolvency issues, procedures and practices and the development of approaches that reflect the different legal, socio-economic, historical, cultural and institutional frameworks of the countries from which members come.

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