A historical 18ct gold snuff box and designer goods to be auctioned this week!

A selection of luxury assets to go under the hammer with no reserve during the Unreserved Government Auction on Thursday 29th August!

Wilsons Auctions is preparing to auction an impressive selection of assets during its upcoming Unreserved Government Auction on Thursday 29th August with all items going to the highest bidder at the fall of the hammer.

The auction, which starts at 6pm, will include items seized under the Proceeds of Crime Act and government lost and found assets, including a unique 18ct gold snuff box that is engraved to Sir Charles Locock, Queen Victoria’s First Physician-Accoucheur (Obstetrician), by the St. Alban’s Medical Club in which he had been President.

Through research it suggests that this engraved box was presented to Sir Charles Locock by the club during his last appearance amongst his friends before he passed away in 1875. This was in recognition of their goodwill towards him and is documented in his obituary published by the British Medical Journal on July 31st, 1875.

In addition, bidders will have the chance to purchase from a selection of Rolex, Breitling and vintage watches, designer items from Gucci, Christian Louboutin, Mulberry, Moschino and Balenciaga, diamond jewellery, additional 18ct gold boxes, an Audi S4 car and personalised registration plates.

All Lots are unreserved and with the auction available to both physical and online bidders, it will appeal to a wide audience and highlight the range of assets Wilsons Auctions specialises in realising on behalf of its government and law enforcement clients.

Wilsons Auctions’ Government Sales Coordinator, Michael Streight said, “This week we are hosting our second Unreserved Government Auction of the month and what makes these particular auctions attractive to the buyer is having the opportunity to bid on luxury goods, all with no reserve! From Rolex watches and diamond jewellery to cars and designer goods, there is a chance for bidders to make a saving on these high-value items.

“Each month Wilsons Auctions plays an important role in realising a large quantity of assets on behalf of our government clients which has seen us responsible in returning £100 million back into the public purse. We are proud to facilitate these auctions across the group, which are proving more and more popular each month,” he added.

Wilsons Auctions is a leading auction company with over 80 years of experience building skilled knowledge in an extensive variety of assets. The Asset Recovery Department works with 17 countries worldwide realising assets from cryptocurrency to supercars, luxury watches and designer goods and in recent years has realised over £100 million worth of seized assets for government agencies, law enforcement agencies and insolvency practitioners.

Physical viewing of Lots in the Unreserved Government Auction will take place at Wilsons Auctions’ Belfast branch on Wednesday 28th August from 1pm – 5pm and Thursday 29th August from 10am – 6pm.

For full details on all Lots or to register for both auctions Click Here

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