Wilsons Auctions Launches New Service For Vehicle Buyers

Wilsons Auctions is proud to introduce an exclusive new service for our customers.

Wilsons Auctions are proud to introduce an exclusive new service for our customers called Wilsons Auctions Assured.  But what is it and what does it mean for our customers?

What is Wilsons Auctions Assured?

Wilsons Auctions Assured is an additional inspection on a vehicle before it is offered for auction. Each vehicle checked will have a report detailing the results attached to the windscreen and any vehicle displaying a Wilsons Auctions Assured report will be covered by the Wilsons Auctions guarantee.

What does the Wilsons Auctions guarantee, guarantee?

Wilsons Auctions guarantee that the Wilsons Auctions Assured report displayed on each vehicle is a true and accurate reflection of the vehicles condition. Should any defects not be recorded accurately, Wilsons Auctions will offer a full refund of the purchase price or (with minor defects) rectify the fault at Wilsons Auctions cost.

All defects associated with bulbs or warning lights, are covered for a period of 48 hours from the fall of the hammer and must be reported before the vehicle leaves site. All other defects are covered for a period of 72 hours from the fall of the hammer or within 250 miles whichever is sooner.

Where Wilsons Auctions have been contracted to arrange delivery of the vehicle, the warranty period is extended until the vehicle is delivered, any defects must be reported to the delivery driver.

Wilsons Auctions assured is being rolled out across our branches in the next couple of months so please check with your local branch to see if they are operating this service.

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